a dance in another space, relating to the memory of others, channeling the presence of someone else

what is disappear?

Disappear is a new dance piece, and a new attempt at dealing with a necessity to discuss very explicit political questions inside a choreographic process. it is a new claim to the space of what is institutionalized as political belongs to everyone, and that this legitimates also the artistic discourse to elaborate on such issues.

Disappear is a new dance piece attempting to reflect on the experience of the forced disappearance of people during the last dictatorship in Argentina, the Proceso de Reorganizacion Nacional (1976-1983). It is an exploration on what are the artistic means that can be used in adressing such an issue. It is an attempt at constructing and using a very abstract movement vocabulary to produce an affective experience relating to the memory (the personal memory, the bodily memory, the collective memory, the historical memory) of these and other proximate events.

Disappear is also an exploration on the relation between the abstract and the concrete, and on in which ways the performance can be contextualized and resignified without becoming illustrative.

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