a dance in another space, relating to the memory of others, channeling the presence of someone else

public space

today in conversation with Igor Dobricic the idea of the public space took on a new value within this process.

I’ve been thinking out of practical reasons and out of an interest in experiencing very different spaces, in placing at least part of the creative process in the public space. for instance, in having walks or rehearsals outside, in the city, absorving the input that these other spaces can give, experiencing them in the hope that they will influence how we can work on space within the studio / theater.

the interesting issue that came up today is to think the public space as the space of the political both in a general sense, but also in terms of it being the space of the struggle during the Dictatorship in Argentina, the battle field, both the thing fought over for (the public-political space) and fought on (the streets, the Plaza de Mayo).

how to bring in the public space into this performance? during rehearsal yesterday I thought that it might be interesting to place the audience in a more random, less frontal placing, somehow more freely around the performer. I thought that it could be interesting that the audience becomes also part of the space in which Will is dancing, that they are not only an external reference. that the space in which he moves is not only transformed by him, but also by them. after today’s talk I started thinking about wether the piece should or could take place somewhere else, outside the theater. or in any case, how that could be brought into the piece somewhere.

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