a dance in another space, relating to the memory of others, channeling the presence of someone else

the thing in itself

this is a piece about me becoming a better person, and also more spontaneous and wet.

esta es una obra sobre mis inseguridades ideológicas, y mis deseos arbitrarios de legitimarme en lo político, de pertenecer a algo más importante que sólo yo mismo… este blog me llena de vergüenzas, me hace sentir un imbécil pretencioso y vacío.

today I had a rehearsal by myself in the park – there’s a spot there I’m getting quite attached to. it was good to try to practice some stuff by myself, and though it’s still very difficult to train/practice/rehearse alone, at least it triggers my imagination and reflection. I’m glad I’m working with Will, andI hope I can leave behind my arrogances and insecurities so that the challenge of working one on one really helps me grow.

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