a dance in another space, relating to the memory of others, channeling the presence of someone else


last friday we rehearsed with Shiho Numata, a Japanese dancer and friend of mine who was originally meant to work in this process. it was interesting to bring her into the studio (she was in Amsterdam for 2 days) and to both share with her and use her to revisit the materials, and to have a peek at how they could look worked on with more than one person.

teaching her some of the materials was a good way to check them, to remember all the details, the specificity, the parameters. it was an excercise for Will and me to clarify and verbalize once more the movement tasks. and then it also allow for looking at the materials with a different eye. it allowed me to see the potential of multiplication of spaces and relations. I imagined 2 or 3 dancers moving together, very close, projecting the exact same development for the movement, and then at some point splitting, allowing for new paths and facings (or other very simple variations) to emerge from the original paths, blurring the idea of what was originally meant.

it also brought up a different understading of some of the materials, a different quality, a variation, that brought us to discuss wether what we do works better in one way or the other.

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