a dance in another space, relating to the memory of others, channeling the presence of someone else

8-5-2009 – what is the “last” section?

this texture, I want it to be energetic, to bring up the issue of endurance and to transform the body – then probably it’s important to note, it should give a moment to see this transformed body. keywords to it should be: texture – endurance – energy – resonance. will it really provoke resonances? maybe it needs to be framed: say “Now comes the end. This is the true nature of the event. From now on it’s only this”.

Resonance – Trace

energy, an energized space, a charged space

it does seem quite exciting to set the whole last texture, but how? what is the criteria? and also, should it be movement related to the room or to a visualized space (a volume)?

maybe filling up could be done just through a hyper reduced phrase, a pattern (a proper texture?) – then it’s really about repetition-energy-transformation,.

limbs/outreaching movement is crucial to get the sweat and the breath. on the other hand, maybe is better to go for 3D rather than 2D. another kind of density, a different felt space (filling up).

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