a dance in another space, relating to the memory of others, channeling the presence of someone else

17-5-09 – what do I want?

a certain lightness, trying to get more personal and yet without taking myself too seriously.

what is it really being closer to the work, being more personal? it’s not about really personal but about the way things are performed. what is needed to work on that? it would be easier for me to approach it on more clear (set/decided) materials than in the impros. or: deciding which kind of quality to look for in the impros, like the lightness.

there is something about the set movement phrase which seems like the real disappearing (at least as I think about it now, sitting in the cafe), especially if we would do it together. it still feels like it could be the closing texture of the piece – disappearing in the impersonal. have I been doing that all my life, do I keep hiding myself in things, in choices, in composition? is that why I like the written text over the voice? how to perform things?

the written texts in their quantity start becoming very material – something like 30 pages or more, a very thick text texture, very dense ink on paper. I’m interested in that accumulation, I’ll keep it going, but maybe we don’t neet to work too much with them, they can just grow.

again, then, what is it to put less distance between me and the materials of the piece? how to do it without getting dramatic? feels like having to perform might be necessary in order to learn about that distance – ¿?

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